West Virginia Airbag Injury Lawyer

Dangers Attributed to Improper Airbag Deployment

Do you need legal representation to help you recover compensation from injuries caused by a malfunctioning or defective airbag? Having an aggressive West Virginia personal injury lawyer from the firm fighting for you can increase the possibility that you will be able to prove negligence and recover the compensation you deserve.

The firm takes pride in its commitment, attention to detail, and high-quality service. They work hard to determine liability in car accidents and other vehicle-related injury cases.

Have you been injured due to a defective or malfunctioning airbag? Our West Virginia airbag injury lawyer is here to help. Call or contact us online now!

They also have a proven record of success in negotiating settlements and obtaining positive jury verdicts. In fact, the firm has recovered over half a billion dollars in settlements and verdicts and has achieved over 125 verdicts over $1 million in value.

Airbags have proven to be effective in preventing drivers and front-seat passengers from smashing directly into the steering wheel or dashboard upon impact. The fact that airbags help prevent serious injuries and save lives does not exempt auto manufacturers, airbag manufacturers, inspectors, and other parties from the responsibility they have to ensure that an airbag deploys correctly.

A number of dangers can be attributed to improper airbag deployment, including:

  • Severe head injuries
  • Whiplash
  • Broken bones
  • Permanent eye damage
  • And more

An airbag deploying at the wrong moment could restrict a driver's ability to maintain control of his or her vehicle thus causing a serious and potentially deadly accident.

Can I File a Claim or Lawsuit for Injuries Caused by a Defective Airbag?

Airbags are specifically designed to deploy when a vehicle gets into an accident at a preset level of speed. At the moment of impact, a sensor in the vehicle should trigger an ignition device which will immediately fill the airbag with nitrogen, or another type of gas, and cause it to deploy. The entire process takes less than 1/20th of a second.

Any failure of an airbag to deploy at the exact moment of impact could result in catastrophic and life-threatening injuries.

A defective or malfunctioning airbag could be the result of:

  • Electrical or wiring issues
  • An improperly set deployment threshold
  • Inadequate sensor placement
  • Failure to reinstall airbags once they have deployed
  • Software error
  • A tear in the airbag fabric
  • Lack of sufficient warnings or instructions
  • And various other factors

How the Fitzsimmons Law Firm Can Help

If you have been injured as a result of a malfunctioning or defective airbag, you may have grounds to file a lawsuit or claim to recover compensation for your injuries.

A West Virginia airbag injury attorney from Fitzsimmons Law Firm PLLC can move forward to establish negligence, and to take the legal action necessary to recover compensation after a defective or faulty airbag deployment.

Reach out to our West Virginia airbag injury attorney to get started on your case today. Call or contact us online now!


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