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If you or someone you love has been seriously injured in a texting while driving accident, you will greatly improve your chances of recovering maximum compensation with representation from a skilled West Virginia injury attorney. For the last 30 years, Fitzsimmons Law Firm PLLC has been an aggressive advocate for accident victims' rights. They are known for their commitment to each of their clients, as well as their astonishing record of success in personal injury law. The firm has recovered over half a billion dollars in damages for the injured.

Texting Drivers Cause Deadly Accidents

When texting, not watching the road ahead, the dangers of causing a car accident are greatly increased. Statistics and reports have clearly shown that texting while driving is a common cause of very serious accidents, and many serious or fatal injuries. A close second to drunk driving accidents, texting while driving accidents are reported to be one of the most dangerous types of vehicle-related accidents.

Some of the most common injuries seen in texting while driving accidents include:

Why Is Texting & Driving Dangerous?

Whenever drivers use their phone, they are no longer giving the road their full attention. Anything that pulls the driver’s attention away from the road, either visually, physically, or mentally, is considered a distraction. Drivers have a certain responsibility to abide by traffic laws and use reasonable caution.

When drivers send, receive, or compose text messages, they become distracted and disregard these safety measures. If you are driving around 55 mph and you look away from the road to read a message on your phone, which typically takes around 4.6 seconds, you would end up looking away from the road for the length of an entire football field. During that time it would be easy to accidentally drift into a neighboring lane, accidentally veer off of the road entirely, or even into oncoming traffic. While looking down at your phone you might also miss an upcoming stop sign, red light, or stopped car.

Any of these small oversights could have enormously damaging, if not deadly, repercussions. Regardless of how cautious drivers think they are, using a phone while behind the wheel will put both and put the driver and everyone else on the road at risk.

West Virginia's Texting & Driving Laws

Due to the dangers associated with texting while driving, the state of West Virginia has laws in place which ban texting the use of handheld devices for all drivers. West Virginia began taking action to discourage drivers from engaging in distracted behavior while operating a motor vehicle in 2012. The state now prohibits:

  • Texting
  • Using a handheld device to talk text or email unless in non-emergency situations
  • Drivers with a learner’s permit or intermediate license from using a handheld or hands-free cellphone
  • Bus drivers from texting or using a handheld device

Novice drivers are banned from any cell phone use while driving, regardless of whether it is on a handheld or hands-free device.

Have you been seriously injured in a texting while driving accident?

If you have been seriously injured in a texting while driving accident, you have grounds to file a lawsuit or claim to recover damages. The attorneys at the firm understand how important it is for you to concentrate on your recovery, rather than worrying about the medical expenses and other damages brought about by the negligent driver. When you are represented by the firm, they will work hard to establish liability, and to gather the necessary supporting evidence to prove your claim and recover the compensation you deserve.

To find out more about what a West Virginia texting and driving accident lawyer from the firm can do for you, contact the firm and schedule an appointment to have your case reviewed today.


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