Fetal Distress and Birth Injuries

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During a difficult delivery, or even prior to delivery, there may be signs that the fetus or infant is in distress. Fetal distress is an encompassing term that describes any signs that are exhibited by the mother or the infant that indicate that there may be a medical issue with the infant. If a doctor or nurse fails to take note of these signals and properly treat them, the infant can suffer a birth injury that can cause terrible, permanent damage. If your infant sustained a birth injury that was due to improper monitoring of fetal distress, contact a West Virginia personal injury attorney today.

Signs of Fetal Distress

  • Increased fetal heartbeat
  • Decreased fetal heartbeat
  • Decreased movement of the fetus
  • Ailments detected through a sample of the fetus' blood
  • Ailments detected through a sample of the mother's blood
  • Ailments detected through a sample of the amniotic fluid

This is an abbreviated list of signs of fetal distress. When fetal distress signals are overlooked or ignored, it can lead to the fetus sustaining long lasting birth injuries. Mothers have no way of knowing if their infant is in distress or not before or during delivery. It is the responsibility of the doctor to carefully monitor the fetus for signs of distress, and to act quickly and responsibly to treat them. For example, a decreased fetal heart beat can mean that the fetus is not getting enough oxygen. This can be caused by a number of reasons, but usually because the umbilical cord is twisted or bent in some way. If lack of oxygen continues for an extended period of time, the infant can suffer brain damage which can lead to cerebral palsy, or even mental retardation.

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If you and your family have suffered due to a birth injury that was the result of fetal distress, contact a birth injury lawyer online today.


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