10 Most Common Workplace Injuries

Common Work Injuries in WV

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Work is a place where you are supposed to do your job, earn your paycheck and at the end of the day, return home. It should be a place where you feel safe and secure; however, it is not uncommon for a person to become injured while at work. In fact, workplace injuries are more common than you may think. Fitzsimmons Law Firm PLLC has extensive experience working with clients who have suffered work-related injuries. Recovering more than a billion dollars in verdicts and settlements, they know that workplace accidents happen all too often and they will help you seek the damages that you deserve.

Top 10 Workers' Compensation Injuries

The most commonly reported work-related injuries are:

  1. Repetitive Motion Injuries: Actions such as typing or constant computer use can cause repetitive motion injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome and vision problems.

  2. Vehicle-Related Accidents: These are accidents that occur when an employee is injured while driving for work.

  3. Machine Entanglement: Body parts or clothing can be entangled in heavy equipment.

  4. Violent Acts on the Job: Injuries that are related to work-related fights and intentional actions.

  5. Walking Injuries: Injuries that are suffered as the result of walking into an object, such as a wall or a door.

  6. Falling from Heights: Injuries that are sustained when an employee falls from an elevated location, such as a ladder or a roof, while on the job.

  7. Falling Objects: When items fall from above, they can land on an employee and cause injury.

  8. Slipping and Tripping: When an employee slips or trips and falls while on the job and sustains an injury.

  9. Reaction Injuries: Injuries that occur when a person slips or trips, but doesn't fall. The injuries typically include muscle strain or sprain caused by impulsive action.

  10. Overexertion: When an employee overworks him- or herself due to pulling, pushing, lifting and the like, while on the job and sustains injuries.

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