Premises Liability

What Is Premises Liability?

West Virginia Premises Liability Attorney

When you have suffered the pain of an injury, you have a right to hold responsible the person or people who caused your injury. A common type of personal injury lawsuit in the West Virginia courts is premises liability, where the plaintiff sues a property owner for damages after receiving an injury on the property in question. The goal in any premises liability case is to recover a substantial settlement to cover all of the victim's expenses, as well as generous compensation for pain and suffering.

An example of a premises liability claim would be when a store owner fails to clean his floors and a customer is hurt in a slip-and-fall in the store. The accident victim is likely to experience the pain of bruising and some type of spinal cord injury and may need both emergency medical treatment and rehabilitative care such as chiropractic adjustments. It is possible that the victim will miss work and lose wages during this time. The victim in this case could hire an aggressive West Virginia personal injury attorney to press a lawsuit against the shop owner on the basis that his negligence caused the accident and was responsible for everything that resulted from the incident.

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