Insurance Bad Faith

Insurance Bad Faith

West Virginia Insurance Defense Attorney

Insurance companies sell peace of mind and protection against the obligation to pay large sums in case of injury, accidents, illness or wrongful death. Certain types of insurance protect you against the misfortune of receiving an injury or falling ill and being unable to cope with medical bills at a time when you can't work, while other types shield you from liability if you are sued for damages, for example after being involved in a car accident. The one thing that all insurance companies have in common, which many people fail to observe, is that they are all businesses, and like any other business, an insurance company usually has profitability as its top priority.

With this focus on the bottom dollar, insurance companies often engage in discreditable activities that do not serve the best interests of their policy holders or the general public. To make matters worse, inquiries into such tactics are often met with answers that are designed to confuse or mislead and to divert attention from the area. Whether you are the policy holder or a claimant seeking compensation, you may find yourself the victim of dishonest or fraudulent practices on the part of insurance adjusters or other company staff. Misconduct of this nature may be an isolated occurrence or it may be the result of corporate policy, but in either case you should seek the determined representation of an attorney.

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Litigation over insurance company bad faith is often aimed at not only enforcing payment on the original claim, but also at being awarded punitive damages against the insurer. Success in this type of case may depend on working with an attorney who has extensive experience in standing up to the large insurance companies on issues of denial or delay, and the team at the Fitzsimmons Law Firm PLLC has earned this experience since 1978.

Their track record includes the largest verdict in West Virginia for insurance bad faith at the time. If you believe that you have been wronged by your insurer through breach of contract or fraud, you should speak with an attorney from the firm who can investigate your case and determine whether you have grounds for legal action.

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