Fraudulent Practices Resulting in Injury

Fraud Resulting in Litigation

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Are you the victim of fraud? A lawyer from Fitzsimmons Law Firm PLLC may be able to help you file a lawsuit to recover compensation for your losses, as well as punitive damages. Under state law, the defendant would most likely be required to pay your attorney's fees in a successful claim, leaving you to enjoy the full benefit of your settlement. The firm has helped clients secure several hundred million dollars since 1978 and they invite you to call or visit today for an initial consultation and to learn what your claim may be worth.

Forms of Fraud

Common types of fraud which lead to litigation include selling cars with undisclosed defects, such as lemons and vehicles which have previously been wrecked. This type of fraud can also include marketing a house without revealing that it will soon require expensive repairs, such as to the foundation or roof.

Deceptive lending practices including failure to disclose the full terms of a loan, or falsely charging an abusively high interest rate as the best rate available, are also classified as fraud. You can additionally file a fraud lawsuit against an individual who has committed credit card fraud against you, as well as a landlord who deceived you during the process of signing your lease.

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Fraud occurs under any circumstances when an individual or corporation intentionally makes a false promise of goods or services or makes a misrepresentation of information to obtain an unlawful gain. You have legal protections against fraud, under the West Virginia Consumer Protection Act and other laws. If you have been defrauded in any way, you deserve to have the highest quality legal representation when you file your lawsuit. The firm has recovered over half a billion in verdicts and settlements over the past three decades. Let them help you today and get you back on your feet.

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