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Were you injured at work?

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury while performing your duties of employment, you have the right to pursue workers' compensation benefits to pay for medical treatment and lost wages. Under state law, unlike some other states, you cannot pursue damages for pain and suffering from workers' comp as you could in a personal injury claim. If the employer is found to have been criminally negligent in providing a safe working environment, it may be possible to pursue further damages, and you can be certain that a West Virginia workers' compensation lawyer from the Fitzsimmons Law Firm PLLC will evaluate your injury case and seek out any potential for pursuing further compensation, whether from your employer or a third party that has liability in your case.

Deliberate Intent: Your Claim and Legal Options

In cases of "deliberate intent" - when your employer knew that there were unsafe, dangerous or hazardous conditions for their employees, and did not take action resolve them - you do have the right to file a lawsuit against them, known as a Mandolisis case. State lawmakers, in their wisdom, have passed a statue to protect workers from dangerous conditions that are left unresolved by an employer. The employer could be facing a lawsuit to recover further compensation. The firm can assist you to evaluate your personal workplace injury case and what legal options you have.

Under West Virginia Code §23-4-2, you have specific rights. Are you concerned that your workers' compensation benefits won't support you and your family after a serious injury? It is advised that you contact the firm to evaluate your case and determine what other options you could have to recover compensation for damages.

Have you been denied workers' compensation benefits?

When an individual suffers any type of injury during a work-related accident, the injured worker is eligible for benefits and coverage. As the workers' injury claim process may seem simple enough, you may find yourself asking "do I need a lawyer for a workers' injury case?" A skilled lawyer can significantly improve your chances of getting your claim approved so that you receive the benefits you deserve.

Not all workplace accident claims are approved. Many are denied due to administrative errors, while others are denied for a range of reasons. Some employers will dispute work injury claims or present information about you and your injuries to sway the insurance provider to lower or deny benefits. Stating that you suffered only a minor injury, your injury was not sustained while performing a job-related task, or that your injury doesn't require medical attention, or your injury is not severe enough to warrant time away from work are all methods by which an employer or insurance company may justify the denial of a claim.

Get Help From a Worker's Comp Lawyer in West Virginia

If you feel that your employer did not protect you from harm, or even that they are hiding this fact, our firm can help you take legal action. This first step is to contact a West Virginia personal injury lawyer from the firm so that a legal professional can investigate the situation on your behalf. The firm takes on cases fully committed to pursuing every possible form of compensation that could be available, both through the workers' compensation system and other sources that could be held liable, including third parties or your employer.

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