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Heavy Equipment Accidents in West Virginia

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In West Virginia, heavy equipment is essential for industry. Whether you earn a living in construction, coal mining, logging or on a road construction crew, you know the dangers of working with heavy equipment and machinery. Operators of heavy construction trucks risk fall accidents from their equipment which clear the ground at twice a man's height. Crane accidents commonly involve contact with electrical power lines, putting the operator or anyone nearby in danger of severe injury or death from electrocution. Hazardous work risks are compounded when companies and industries expose workers to unsafe conditions or defective equipment. When you have been injured in an accident involving heavy equipment, contact a West Virginia personal injury attorney immediately. We have the experience and commitment necessary to recover full compensation for your injuries.

Choosing the Right Firm for Your Equipment Accident Claim

West Virginia's heavy equipment operators face hazardous work sites and risky job duties every day. Workers in the construction industry suffer the highest fatality rate of all industries using heavy equipment. Potential hazards resulting in construction accidents include:

  • Falls (from heights)

  • Trench collapse

  • Scaffold accidents due to collapse

  • Electric shock and arc flash or arc blast

  • Failure to use proper personal protective equipment

  • Repetitive motion injury

Heavy equipment accidents can become complex, especially when third parties control different tasks on a jobsite. Even though an employee is covered by workers' compensation, other parties may be have liability. Under West Virginia law you also have the right to pursue claims against other negligent parties. Every aspect of a workplace injury should be fully evaluated. The Fitzsimmons Law Firm PLLC will fight for your rights against subcontractors, manufacturers of equipment or machinery, property owners or against a negligent supervisor or co-worker.

In specific circumstances where it can be proved that an employer intentionally exposes an employee to unsafe working conditions, a high degree of risk, with a strong probability of serious injury or death, West Virginia's deliberate intent laws will provide additional monetary compensation for damages not covered by workers' compensation.

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