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You can sue for monetary damages when you or a family member has been injured as a result of defects or undisclosed dangers in the use of certain products. The courts in West Virginia will often rule in favor of the plaintiff when it can be proven that a manufacturer put consumers at risk through faulty assembly of a product, design defects or improper labeling and instructions. The settlement in a product liability case will often be significant, due to the nature of this type of action, which is often pursued as a large class action lawsuit.

Common Examples

A common example of defective products leading to legal action is when components of an automobile cause injuries or wrongful death in car accidents. Misfiring airbags that cause harm to the passengers or other factors such as dangerous seatbelts or crumple zones in the vehicle frame can lead to a claim for damages against the car manufacturer. Another situation that frequently provides grounds for a claim is when a pharmaceutical company sells dangerous drugs that were either not tested fully for side effects or were contaminated in the factory, causing illness or injury to the users.

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Product liability lawsuits encompass all types of injuries, from broken bones or illnesses to burn injuries, chemical toxic exposure, defective medical devices or even electrocutions. An aggressive West Virginia injury attorney from the Fitzsimmons Law Firm PLLC can represent you in your attempt to recover financial compensation from the manufacturer of a defective product. They have recovered over a half billion dollars in verdicts & settlements for clients throughout the state. For 125 of their cases, the amount obtained was over $1 million dollars.

The firm has been representing the rights of clients in our area since 1978, with many successful product liability settlements and jury verdicts. If you believe that your injury was caused by negligence in the manufacture of a product you were using, you should not delay to speak with a West Virginia injury attorney to determine whether you have grounds for a claim.

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