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Dangerous Prescription Drugs

As more and more people in West Virginia turn to prescription drugs to handle their health problems, the dangers inherent in some of these drugs are becoming increasingly apparent. The FDA and other regulatory agencies provide strict guidelines for the testing and manufacture of any type of drug and when a drug company falls short in its duty to provide safe and reliable products to the general public, it can be held liable for monetary damages. A high percentage of all class action lawsuits in the country are filed against pharmaceutical companies after a number of people fall victim to various illnesses or injuries as a result of taking certain drugs.

Personal injury lawsuits over dangerous drugs are essentially defective product claims, because any harm resulting from a pharmaceutical product can be presumed to be the result of faults in the manufacturing or labeling of the drug. In some cases, the victim was made sick by a contaminated drug, while in others the directions for use were misleading or confusing, leading to overdose or unsafe use. Another cause of legal action over pharmaceutical products is when it happens that dangerous side effects were either undisclosed or the drug was not sufficiently tested to discover such side effects.

When attempting to recover damages on a claim of this type, it is vital to have the support of an experienced West Virginia personal injury lawyer who can do what it takes to effectively litigate against large drug makers. Similar to lawsuits involving medical malpractice or defective medical devices, the defendant usually has extensive financial resources to pay for a team of lawyers, and your chances of a successful outcome depend on the quality of your own legal representation.

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Your claim for damages in a dangerous drug case will be calculated to include the cost of any medical care you had to receive as a result of conditions arising from your use of the drug, as well as compensating you for your lost income during this period and for the pain and suffering you have had to undergo. It is also possible to sue on a wrongful death claim after losing a loved one to a dangerous pharmaceutical product. The Fitzsimmons Law Firm PLLC has represented people like you since 1978 and has received hundreds of verdicts and settlements over a million dollars.

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