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Defective Equipment and Work Injury Claims

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No matter what type of work you do, serious accidents are possible. Factory, construction, mining and industrial plant workers are generally considered to face more on-the-job dangers than an office worker or a delivery truck driver. While no one wants to think about think about these actually happening, when an accident happen, it is important to know who you can go to for help. The equipment and machinery in the workplace even when brand new or newly rebuilt can be flawed to the point of being dangerous to its user. Anyone who has been seriously injured by a defective machine or other equipment should seek help from a West Virginia personal injury lawyer in filing a claim for compensation.

Defective Equipment Lawyer in West Virginia

Workers' comp should pay medical expenses and replace most of your lost wages for any work-related injury. In the case of permanent injury or total disability, further compensation and benefits are available. But beyond this, when an injury occurs because of a dangerous product or another's negligence, additional compensation may be available to you. A claim for damages resulting from defective machines or equipment is called a product liability claim.

Product defects can include:

  • Inadequate safety warnings and instructions

  • Defective design

  • Defective manufacturing

  • Defective component parts

  • Defective repair

  • Defective rebuild

An experienced lawyer at the firm is prepared to assist you to determine if you are due additional compensation for a severe or fatal accident. In the event that a further claim can be filed to recover damages, our legal team has many years of experience at trial and the drive to take on a defendant of any size.

A product liability case can be very complex requiring investigation and often accident reconstruction by experts in the field in addition to medical and other expert witness testimony. Our record of past success proves that a workers' compensation lawyer at our firm has the type of expertise you can depend on. To find out more call the Fitzsimmons Law Firm PLLC for a consultation.

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