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What is Eclampsia?

Many complications can occur during the nine months of pregnancy leading to childbirth. One of the most serious, regularly occurring of these complications is eclampsia. It is commonly associated with seizures and coma experienced by the mother during pregnancy, but not due to any pre-existing brain disorders.

There are many symptoms that can be diagnosed and treated to prevent eclampsia, unfortunately these signs sometimes go unheeded by the attending medical professional. The nine months of pregnancy are a momentous period in the life of a mother. The negligence of a doctor or nurse should be absolutely out of the question, however it happens.

Eclampsia is itself a condition that exists far down a line of previous diagnosable conditions: A sharp rise in blood pressure is a sign that the mother may be experiencing PIH, which itself leads to preeclampsia. Preeclampsia has very specific symptoms: two separate blood pressure readings taken at least six hours apart of 140/90 or more, and 300mg of protein in a 24-hour urine period. A doctor should have diagnosed these conditions at this point, however if they are overlooked, preeclampsia can quickly ascend into eclampsia. When it does, the mother begins to experience eclamptic convulsions, seizures, and eventually prolonged coma. By the time it reaches this point the infant may already suffer from fetal distress and growth retardation. The only known treatments for either eclampsia or preeclampsia are abortion, C-section, or induced labor. Clearly the physical and emotional consequences of malpractice in the case of eclampsia are dire, and the legal consequences should be no less forgiving.

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The significance of eclampsia and what it does to a mother and child should be regarded with the utmost respect not only in the hospital, but in the courtroom as well. The attorneys at the Fitzsimmons Law Firm PLLC are aware of what you have gone through, and understand what you deserve. With more than 125 verdict and settlements over $1 Million, they have the experience and successes in these big-case scenarios to represent you and enforce the justice you deserve.

If the negligence of a professional medical attendant resulted in you becoming eclamptic, call a West Virginia injury attorney and ensure that you get what you deserve and your doctor gets what they deserve.

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