Labor & Delivery Malpractice

Labor and Delivery Malpractice

West Virginia Birth Injury Lawyer

The birth of your child should be a momentous and celebrated event. The care and capability of the attending medical professional should be the last thing in question. When complications arise during labor and delivery, you should be able to place your faith in the doctor, nurses, or other medical professionals to handle this distressing situation appropriately. The causes of many of these complications can be traced back to the negligence and/or incompetence of the working physician. In these cases of labor and delivery malpractice, the medical professional must be held legally responsible for the unjustified damage done to the mother or child.

These injuries can lead to very large ongoing medical fees; consequently it is essential that you consult with the legal expertise of an attorney. During the labor and delivery process, unforeseeable difficulties can abruptly turn a smooth procedure into an emergency. Medical professionals have received extensive training in order to effectively manage these harrowing circumstances. Some of the more common birth injuries include:

All of these complications should be effectively identified and appropriately managed to the best of the physician's ability. If you feel like your complications have not been handled to this standard then it is important that you seek legal help.

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The health and future wellbeing of a mother and her child should be regarded with the most seriousness. When a medical professional jeopardizes you or your child's wellbeing during labor and deliver, you will need to be represented by the most relevant and skilled legal experts. The West Virginia personal injury lawyers at the Fitzsimmons Law Firm PLLC know how challenging these medical difficulties can be. While you deal with the human aspects of the recuperative process, we will take care of the legal procedures.

With over 125 million-dollar-plus settlements, and 2009's top vote getter in WV's super-lawyer poll, the firm has the experience and expertise needed to represent you during these difficult times. If the negligence of a professional medical attendant during labor and delivery resulted in you or your child being injured, contact a birth injury attorney and ensure you get what you and your doctor have coming.

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